26 de junio de 2012


The German multinational company Henkel will invest 7 M€ in new R+D groups in Catalonia. The firm will enhance its developments in the adhesive technology, with cutting-edge applications in the automotive industry, electronics and avionics. The investment is going to create about 50 new employments.

Catalonia has an outstanding ecosystem to develop high-tech activities. Currently, Catalonia is producing science at a rate similar to a country of about 70 milion inhabitants (while we're only 7 milion). With state-of-the-art facilities, like supercomputing groups or the new ALBA syncrotron. The Henkel groups will research in close cooperation with LEITAT Technology Centre and UAB Research Park (one of the most powerful concentrations of talent and research groups in the South of Europe). It will complete the deployment of cooperative agreements of Henkel in Catalonia (the first, with ICIQ - Catalan Institute for Chemical Research-, in Tarragona).

In words of one Henkel's top executive "Catalonia's research landscape is 1000 times far more attractive than, for instance, Ireland's one").

The path of success is the path of innovation.

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